Moore’s Law — and Printed Pancakes

I came across an article this morning that caused me some concern. The Semiconductor Industry Association has published a new report saying that Moore’s Law — which states that computing power will double every 18-24 months as technological advances allow for ever-smaller memory chips — will be “repealed” around 2021 as chip makers run up against a constraint based on the sheer size of atoms. While there are still some options to explore, such as 3D design for chips, a slowdown in the rate of growth of computing power could have real implications for our ability to solve technical challenges.

I was relieved, then, to discover that humans appear to have already solved all outstanding technical challenges. The final technological hurdle — one not even on my radar — was crossed with the launch of the first pancake griddle that allows a home cook to “print” custom-designed pancakes.

Folks, if we’re now printing our pancakes we’ve clearly reached the end of our need for constant improvement in computing power. Moore’s Law can now gracefully retire.

Time for breakfast!

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